Farming Simulator

Farm SimulationWho is not working as a farmer on his farm now days? There for I thought it was about time to put a few farming simulators on a row. You could choose to play for free on the well known social network website Facebook (FarmVille) or the Dutch variant Hyves (Happy Harvest).  But there are also a couple of farm simulators you have to pay for like, the Farming Simulator of Try Synergy and John Deere: Drive Green of Valuesoft


Farmville must the most played farm game at the moment. This Simulator is played by more millions of people all over the world right now.  Also this game took a big part in the growing of the well known website Facebook, which is now the biggest social network website today. Farm simulatorIn this online simulation,  you play as a farmer and take care of  your crops, trees and animals. When  start this sim, you will begin with a small field of squares. You will plant some crops and then you will have to wait a couple of hour or days before you can plow them.

To grow your small farm you will need some more Farmville neighbors. With neighbors they mean friends with a Facebook account who also play this game. The more neighbors you have, the bigger your farm can become. Exactly because of this reason a lot of people invited their friends to start a Facebook account which caused a major success. In case you decide to quite this simulator, I wish you could luck to delete Farmville. By now your hole board will be full with messages from this game.
For the ones who are looking for Farmville cheats, I have to disappoint you. There are no cheats.

Because of the huge and addictive success of Farmville, the media made a lot of fun about it.
This funny Southpark movie  shows pretty well what happens when you start playing this game.

Happy Harvest

Farmer farmWith the great success of Farmville, it was only a matter of time before a Dutch clone would be created on the Dutch website Hyves. In this farmer simulator named Happy Harvest, you don’t need to spent many hours a day to have some fun. You could play only 10 minutes a day and still gain a great farm. Happy Harvest is very small but also very different compared to the Farmville game. A few months ago  you didn’t have much options in this game. You could grow a few plants and buy a cow or chicken and that was pretty much all. By now the updates take place on a more regular base. Many new things can be build, like a barbeque, a liquid machine, many different kind of animals with products and items like bombs.

The most funniest thing of Happy Harvest, must be the ability to steal the crops of your friends. For some people this is the reason to get back home  very fast after work , to be the first to steal. The  farm game itself is free, but it is possible to buy some Happy Harvest Credits. With this credits it is possible to buy some special items and extent your farm with more squares.

Drive Green and Farming Simulator 2011

Tractor SimulatorFor the people who do not want to wait all day before their farm crops are ready, there are also some active offline games  which you have to pay for. Drive Green is more like a tractor Simulator where it is possible to buy and drive different kind of tractors. In Farming simulator 2011, you will work as a farmer in a gigantic 3D environment. You will start with a old barn and some old tools, but after a while you will improve your farm with some of the newest machines and technology.
Below you will find a movie of the Farming Simulator 2009


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