Flight Simulator | Google Earth

airplain simulationIf you would like to crash on your own house with a plane, then flying with the flight simulator of Google Earth  is the perfect solution for you.

By now everyone knows what Google Earth is, but not everybody knows that there is a hidden Flight Simulator included. After you downloaded and installed GE you could start the airplane simulator by pressing the buttons Ctrl + Alt + A at once. You will have to chose between two types of airplanes. The choice is F16 (Fast) or SR22 (Slow). You could start your flight from your current position or from one of the biggest airports of the world.

Unless you have a very fast internet connections, the graphics might disappoint you a bit. So even while there is the possibility to fly over your own house, you won’t really recognize it. But I tried some nicer places which do have some better graphics.  I have been to Australia in real life so I thought it might be a good idea to visit some of the nicer places there again. I tried Sydney for example and I must say it is quite funny to fly by the Opera house (Which you do recognize) , below the bridge and try hard not to crash in any of the sky crabbers.

The nicest of all is, this flight simulator game is completely free and guess what, the environment is pretty much as big as the hole planet….. uhm yes indeed.. Before you start I would recommend you to read the controls first. If it is still too complicated, the next movie might teach you on a easier way:


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