Helicopter simulator

helicopter simulatorHelicopters is a helicopter simulator made to fly around Google Earth so you can fly around the whole planet.  This simulation game has also been made by planetinaction. In this game it is possible to visit all the places on earth.  If you want, you could also do a heli crash on top of your own house.  Also, you are not flying in a modeling helicopter, the interior of the heli is quite visible .

When you start this game for the first time,  you will find  yourself with a nicely built tutorial. This tutorial will quickly learn you the basic controls of the helicopter. When you are done, you can choose to start a couple of missions which is quite a nice addition. I tried the missions for a while, but after I reached the city San Francisco, I figured flying around freely was way more fun.
Also in this game the little villages are a bit flat, still I enjoyed myself with trying to find my own house, car and work. If you want some better views I would recommend that you visit some large capital cities.

A nice addiction to this game is the ability to play as a Taxi driver.  You will start out with some dollars and while you are flying you pay for the fuel. To gain some money you will have to pick up some passengers around the globe and drop them off at the right location.
Please enjoy this helicoper simulation game and below you can find a movie about this simulator taking place in Utrecht.


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