Truck Simulator | Trukz

Truck simulatorTrukz is a addictive truck simulator game where you will be a driver driving a truck or transporter.
In this free online simulation game, it is not only about driving a truck, but also about everything related to being a driver. First you create your own driver and buy yourself a truck. After you are done, you start transporting your load between different continents like America, Canada, Mexico and Australia for example.

With the money you earn by delivering the loads, you can upgrade your truck with special items (Navigation is not needed) or simply buy a new truck. You play in a realistic environment. So there will be thing like fuel prices, speeding including tickets and weather changes.

If you would not like to play this web browser based game all on your own, you have to ability to play this game together with others and it will be possible to start your own company. This will give you some advances like discounts on fuel and repairs.
This next movie will give you an idea about the looks of the game. Also it includes some beginner hints and tactics for incase you are planning to play trukz.


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